The Ethnosport Challenge is a unique form of World Ethnosport competitions to preserve traditional sports and games, their innovative model is the participation of famous athletes. Ethnosport Challenge tournaments are a world series, they can be held everywhere on the following principles:
• the tournament program consists of traditional sports and games, which are held with an inventory and according to the local rules;
• the Society personally invites famous athletes of the International Federations of sports (IFs) to participate in tournaments;
• the athletes participating in tournaments are required to comply with the Fair Play rules of the IFs;
• the number of tournaments during the year and their location is determined by the Board of Society;
• the application for the tournament is accompanied by a letter on the support of the regional government and a license fee (the amount is determined by the Board of the Society), which is not returned if the applicant is given the rights to organize the tournament, as well as in case of possible refusal to hold;
• all expenses for the tournament are paid by the organizing committee;
• the tournaments are held according to the system of challenge of the team of four local participants VS four foreign members of the World Ethnosport team, consisting of athletes of the IFs;
• the winner of the tournament is a team whose members won more wins in individual competitions;
• referees are appointed by the Society;
• the rights to broadcast tournaments and advertising belong to the Society, the proceeds from the sale are distributed between the tournament organizing committee and the Society in accordance with the Marketing rules of Society;
• The Society approves the General Regulations of the Ethnosport Challenge World Series of Tournaments. All rights to the Ethnosport Challenge World Series of Tournaments, the names of the ethnosport disciplines and the declared concept of the World Series of Tournaments reserved by the Society.