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By the decision of the Board of November 1, 2022, after 10 years of vigorous activity, World Ethnosport has been transformed, becoming a society of experts who select the best practices of ethnosport for the annual WORLD ETHNOSPORT AWARD in several nominations.

World Ethnosport ceases the activities of the umbrella organization that unites national associations, but continues to cooperate with local communities of traditional sports and games, as well as sports federations, to hold a series of the ETHNOSPORT CHALLENGE tournaments in order to present the nominees and winners of the World Ethnosport Award.

In accordance with the status of the UNESCO-accredited organization for the Intangible Cultural Heritage, World Ethnosport as the world\’s first organization of ethnosport, as a premium partner of a high level of competence, provides EXPERT SERVICES to the National Commissions for UNESCO in compiling nomination dossiers.

The headquarters of World Ethnosport is located in Moscow at the home place of the founding president, Doctor of Cultural Studies Alexey Kylasov – a famous Russian scientist, an ethnosport theory author.